So you just put in a killer workout at the gym and now you’re craving a satisfying snack. You deserve it, right?

Snacking in a healthy way is definitely easier on some days that others. And on some days, your sweet tooth may get the better of you.

But the last thing you want to do right now is ruin your training diet plan by indulging and giving into your cravings. Doing so will set you back and begin to reverse all those massive gains that you’ve been achieving.

But fortunately, there are healthier and protein-packed versions of your favorite deserts. After a workout, you probably want to just grab something quick and easy too, which means that your post-workout snack should have only a few key ingredients and minimal prep time.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this protein-packed pudding recipe that features Challenger Nutrition’s chocolate 100% whey protein powder. Whey protein is a crucial element to any athlete or bodybuilder’s diet because it contains the best protein sources and amino acids to help you maximize your performance and build optimal strength.

Pudding snacks are great choices for sweet post-workout meals because they’re rich, creamy, and flavorful, but they don’t weigh you down with unnecessary fats, carbs, or sugars. Greek yogurt is a great protein source because the average container of nonfat Greek yogurt has 17 grams of protein. Top it all off with a few almonds for a satisfying crunch and an extra protein boost!

So when you get back from the gym today, mix up this easy snack pudding recipe and feel great about your healthy and satisfying choice.


  • 6 oz. plain, nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1 scoop chocolate Challenger Nutrition 100% whey protein powder
  • 1 or 2 tbsp. water, depending on your desired consistency
  • Small handful of almonds


  • Stir protein powder into Greek yogurt
  • Add a tablespoon or two of water to dilute the mixture to the desired consistency
  • Sprinkle with a few almonds on top
  • Enjoy!