Way back when you were a kid, did you ever come home after playing outside on a hot day and your mom handed you a popsicle?

These cool treats bring back a sense of nostalgia and make us remember simpler times. In fruit flavors and even decadent ones made with chocolate, popsicles used to be a great way to recover from sports and competitions on the playground. And if you make them the right way, they can still be a recovery snack after your workouts!

Challenger Nutrition Whey Protein Powder mixes great with other ingredients to create grown-up popsicles that help you refuel your overworked muscles after the gym. No matter the season or the temperature outside, this popsicle recipe will cool you off and help your muscles recover so you can get back to those reps and sets tomorrow.

Strawberry and banana are two of our favorite flavors for popsicles, but you can experiment with other fruits and even chocolate to find ones that suits your taste. The great part about these popsicles is that you can make them ahead and stash them in the freezer…so they’re conveniently waiting for you when you get home from the gym!



  • Gather six small paper cups and six popsicle sticks
  • You can also use popsicle molds if you have them
  • Combine all ingredients into a blender
  • Blend everything on a medium speed
  • Fill paper cups almost to the top
  • Place stick into the middle of the mixture in the cup
  • Freeze cups for at least 4-5 hours
  • After your workout, grab a popsicle from the freezer and enjoy!