L-Carnitine is crucial for producing energy and transporting fatty acids in the body so they can be burned for energy. This naturally occurring amino acid is an amazing weight loss supplement for Challengers who want to slim down and tone up. In fact, an analysis of recent L-Carnitine studies found that people who took L-Carnitine supplements lost an average of 2.9 pounds more than those who did not.

Our L-Carnitine caplets are packed with 750 mg L-Carnitine to help you achieve the body you’ve been working hard to sculpt. Our specialized amino acid formula also works as a brain booster to increase mental alertness, an energy booster to help you work out longer, and an overall health booster to alleviate the side effects of aging. Pick up a bottle of this supplement to see less fat and more muscle every time you look in a mirror.

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