• Supports fat metabolism

• Boosts energy for sustained performance

• Facilitates workout recovery

• Quickly and easily absorbed into the body

• Delicious fruit flavors

Now available in a highly absorbable and delicious liquid form, Challenger Nutrition L-Carnitine Liquid is a non-essential amino acid that supports fat metabolism, workout recovery, and energy production. Liquid L carnitine also helps to maintain overall health by facilitating the transfer of fatty acids into your cells. This produces the energy you need to sustain intense workouts and live up to your reputation as a challenger.

L carnitine in liquid form has many positive benefits in the body, including brain health, heart health, and extensive muscle recovery support. It is naturally found in red meat and animal sources, but the nutritional demands of hardworking athletes and bodybuilders often require more L-carnitine than one can obtain from food sources alone. L carnitine liquid is an excellent amino acid for those who train hard and are trying to amp up their performance.

Our special liquid L carnitine formula will provide you with an optimal energy level and aid in burning fat when taken regularly as part of your workout routine. If you’re looking for quicker muscle recovery, higher energy, and to delay the onset of fatigue, our powerful L carnitine liquid supplement is for you. It has 1100 mg of L carnitine per serving to amp you up and keep you going during your workout and throughout your day.

Take one tablespoon of Challenger Nutrition L-Carnitine Liquid up to two times per day. It’s most effective when taken before meals and on an empty stomach. Our satisfying fruit flavors make this L carnitine liquid taste great on its own. But you can also add it to your favorite juice and mix together for a delicious drink.
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