The most common amino acid in your muscles is glutamine, and in fact, glutamine makes up more than 60 percent of your skeletal muscles. Challenger Nutrition Glutamine Powder helps you replenish the glutamine lost during intense training. When taken regularly as part of your diet and fitness plan, it boosts your muscle strength, stamina, and recovery by facilitating protein synthesis in the body.

Glutamine is found in very small amounts in whey protein, and it plays a major role in protein synthesis and muscle repair. This powerful nutrition supplement is also important for protein metabolism, the secretion of human growth hormone, anti-catabolism, and maintaining cell volume.

When you trust Challenger to help you meet your nutrition needs, you prevent the weakness of muscle tissues, leaving you with extra energy and a better muscular shape. Studies have shown that glutamine is also an important nutrition to promote healing of the intestines, gut, and even ulcers.

Your hardworking body needs Challenger Nutrition Glutamine Powder 5000mg, especially if you’re cutting down and aiming to lose fat without sacrificing muscle. An added benefit is that glutamine powder helps boost your immune system, which is crucial for bodybuilders who drastically deplete their glutamine levels and push their bodies to the limit.

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